Friday, July 21, 2006

Stardate 60553.44 - A Little Closer to Home

I knew that my Mom had to travel to Israel a lot over the past year or two for her work, but I didn't put it together until today that she had actually been in places currently being hit by missles. And had been there as recently as early this month.

During her trips she stayed in Nazareth (where 2 children were recently killed), stayed in Haifa (and often went there to eat), and traveled to Tiberius a couple of times for dinner as well. The plant she would go to is 30 miles from Haifa and 20 miles from Tiberius.

She has talked to her collegue there and he and his family are still fine, but it brought the entire situation a little closer to home for me to think that my Mom could have been over there when all this broke out. She is about to retire from work and as I mentioned her last trip over there just ended early this month.


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