Saturday, July 15, 2006

Stardate 60537.84 - First Official Sail

Today I went sailing as a member of the Manhattan Sailing Club for the first time as part of their Fleet Captain program where you sign up for a time slot and go out with a skipper from the club. When I signed up I asked for Linda's boat (#10) on Saturday starting at noon (Linda is the membership committee head). There was one other guy (Ben) from the Monday night membership meeting who was also on my boat.

We had a really good time although there was a little rain at about 1515 and we had to head in early. But we were sill out there for about 3 hours so that was pretty cool.

Small Disclaimer - this is not me on boat #10. This is a picture from the class graduation party that I took in late June, but it is the same #10 boat that I was out on today.


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