Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stardate 60529.25 - Joined the Club

So I went ahead and joined the Manhattan Sailing Club! I went to the membership/orientation meeting Monday night at North Cove and now I'm a member until I resign. I had great timing as this season's new member party is Friday night - now if we can only find a sitter. Additionally, I signed up right away for a crew member sailing slot for Saturday. And I'm trying to see if my instructor from the class is going out on Monday or Tuesday next week, and if his offer to join him still stands.

In preparation for joining the club and sailing more I purchased my own PFD from West Marine (that's a personal flotation device, or lifejacket to you land lubbers). ;-) I already tested it by orally inflating it (now settle down everyone) and letting it sit for several hours. It seemed to have no loss of air so I manually deflated it (again, settle down) and then armed it. Yes, it is one of the sort-of fancy ones that is very compact and it automatically is inflated by a CO2 cartridge when submerged. I'll give it a try on Saturday!

One day I should add up all the books, supplies, weather radio, and other gear and expenses I've incurred for this hobby. It probably still doesn't exceed my expenditures on Dungeons & Dragons material over the past 20 years. :-)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather Saturday!

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-s said...

Have to factor in the time value of money. I expect a spreadsheet to be posted by tomorrow.