Sunday, July 09, 2006

Stardate 60521.25 - 10-Year Anniversary, Rain Check

On our actual 10-year wedding anniversary Cheryl was in Switzerland and I was in Ashburn, VA - both of us on business travel. (Did you know 10 years is the "tin" anniversary? Although the diamond industry will tell you that a diamond is a nice modern way to celebrate instead of beads of tin! I don't know, beads of tin look pretty nice, don't they?)

We cashed in our rain check with each other Saturday night, got our regular babysitter to come over, and then Cheryl and I went out. First, we had dinner at the tiny restaurant Falai Panetteria on the Lower East Side. The food was good - not great - but good.

We then went to Schiller's Liquor Bar where we spent as much on 2 drinks as we had on our entire dinner. I got a Pim's Cup and Cheryl got a NY Sour. They did not short us on the alcohol - they were stiff drinks. The Pim's Cup got a thumbs up from Cheryl but the Sour was not sour enough for her.

Next we went down to Battery Park to see the New York Classical Theatre's free production of Mary Stuart. NY Classical Theater, if you have not been to a production of theirs before, moves around where ever they are performing from scene to scene, and the audience has to chase after them. It is usually very entertaining, and their production of Mary Stuart was no exception. We both really liked it, although Cheryl commented that Queen Elizabeth looked more like a U.S. soap opera star than a British Monarch. But that suspension of disbelief was no more difficult than ignoring the police helicopters which passed by loudly overhead every so often! At least we got to go inside Castle Clinton for part of the show, and that was pretty cool. If you have a chance to see one of their shows, we highly recommend it. It really is a lot of fun.

Then we caught a taxi back home, up the FDR and were back at the apartment 20 minutes after the play was over. Loren seemed to handle us being gone fine, although she didn't go to bed until 9 PM.



Cheryl said...

More specifically for our foodie readers, we had three of the "Italian tapas" and a panini sandwich with prosciutto and mozzarella. The panini was excellent but not as good as the sandwiches at 'ino in Greenwich Village. The avocado salad with black truffle dressing was delicious, as was the polenta with wild-boar ragu. The only disappointment was the mussels and clams tapa, which was a few already-shelled mollusks swimming in overly-salted broth. The meal came with a bread basket, as you would hope at a panetteria, that was replenished with a different variety of excellent bread (focaccia) when we tore through the first round (onion-fennel). We were too full to try the pastries on this visit but would definitely stop by for them if we're ever in the neighborhood earlier in the day. It had the proper allotment of "hipster" staff and customers for a Lower East Side establishment (Curt and I obviously dragged down the ratio; but the waitress with rhino-horn nose ring and extensive tattoos counterbalanced us).

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! :)