Friday, July 14, 2006

Stardate 60535.49 - New Member Party

Tonight we got our usual sitter and went to the Manhattan Sailing Club's new member party on the Willy Wall. They have a new launch (above) named the "Admiral's Launch". It has twice the capacity of Lil' Toot and is a smoother ride.

The views were spectacular, as usual, and we got the night view this time since we were without Loren and could stay out later.

I took some really bad pictures with my crappy mobile phone camera, but I've included them anyway. Next time we'll take the real camera out again (the pictures from my graduation party turned out really good).

Tomorrow Cheryl and Loren are off to the beach in the afternoon and I have my first time out as crew on a club sail. The head of the Membership Committee is the skipper. If you see boat #10 out in NY harbor tomorrow give me a wave!




JamesF said...

I actually think the nighttime city shots look pretty cool.

I am curious though, what are the two buildings that seem to have every light on? Are those residential buildings? Or are that many people in those buildings working that late?

CAPT_Sawyer said...

All office buildings. The cluster together is part of the World Financial Center, which surrounds the World Trade Center site. If the twin towers were still there, they would be in the center of that shot. The other picture with the lone, tall building is in NJ. I think it is Goldman Sacks or Meryll Lynch or something like that. And it is entirely possible that people are still working in those buildings on a Friday night at 9 PM.

Sometimes when I complain about the financial guys getting huge bonuses and being able to afford really, really nice places in Manhattan I think about the hours that they have to work and how they never see their families and it makes my income much easier to take (for Manhattan).