Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stardate 60506.08 - Fourth of July Weekend

Our sister-in-law Jen paid us a visit this weekend with two of her friends, whom I'll call "Atlanta" and "Seattle" to protect the innocent. They came into the city on Saturday and we took them over to Central Park on a short walk around. Then Cheryl went with them to see Avenue Q while I stayed home and baby-sat (I had already seen the musical, in fact it was a year ago last July). On Sunday, we sent them off on their own while we took it easy - ran a few errands and relaxed in the apartment.

Monday we took off from work (didn't almost everyone?) and went to the beach to Cheryl's Grandmother's condo. We spent about an hour on the beach with Loren (it was actually her second visit to the beach, her first was back in April on a nice spring day). But then it was her nap time so we returned to the condo where Cheryl and Loren napped and Grandma and I sat on the small porch and watched the ships go by, heading over to watch the fireworks in Red Bank.

We then had dinner, and afterwards went over to Cheryl's parents' house to spend the night. This morning we got up and they took Loren on a walk while Cheryl and I got our bikes out of their garage and took about an hour bike ride - I think it had been more than a year since we'd used the bikes. They have some really nice trails around the town and we need to take them out when we are in NJ more often.

Then we all took a quick dip in the pool before heading back into NYC in an effort to stay ahead of traffic - it worked! We had the quickest return time ever.

Later on this afternoon, Cheryl's friend Su Ming is stopping by for a brief visit as she is in the city with Kathy and Kathy's family for the fireworks. I think Cheryl and I will watch the tallest fireworks from our balcony, if we can even stay up until 9 PM.

Then back to work tomorrow, but at least it will be a short week!



JamesF said...

That's one pasty white back on that guy in the water. I still think I can top it though.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Yes, I have not been out in the sun much this summer without sunscreen on. This was our first trip to the beach and I think just the second time in the pool all year.