Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stardate 60558.97 - Pain in the Head

I occasionally get a sinus headache which only Tylenol Sinus can cure (or the generic version of Tylenol Sinus). Aspirin, motrin, Advil - nothing else works at all. Caffeine can sometime stave it off, but it is a dangerous tightrope because it can also make it worse. (To be fair, Sudafed Sinus contains the same medicines and may also work, I've just always stuck with Tyenol since first discovering that it cures the pain).

The headaches are not as bad as a migraine, but they are fairly debilitating. They seem to happen more often when there are wide temperature swings, or humidity swings, within a short period of time. They are much more common in the fall or spring, but I started to get one yesterday. After trying to avoid taking anything (because I knew we were out and I'd have to go to the store) I finally went out to purchase some.

Well - the bastards on methamphetamine have now spoiled it for everyone.

Tylenol sinus contains two medicines: pseudoephedrin and acetaminophen. The issue is that pseudoephedrin is used to illegally manufacture methamphetamine. Many states (to include New York, very recently as I discovered yesterday when I went into CVS) have moved all products containing pseudoephedrin to behind the counter. In Oregon, you actually have to have a prescription. That is right - Sudafed requires a prescription in Oregon.

Now, because there is not a lot of room behind the counter at places like CVS and Duane Reade (after all, they have to keep the cancer sticks back there), they have just stopped carrying many items with pseudoephedrin. And then came the kicker from an employee at Eckard - Tylenol has stopped making my product.

That is right - the one and only medication that can stop these headaches is no longer being make because of the meth problems across the country (and across the world).


Now, according to Tylenol's web site, they do have a sinus daytime and sinus nighttime that appears to be the replacement products, but I've heard they may also go away.

The possibly good news is that there is a replacement: Phenylephrine. Never heard of it? It is being phased in as a replacement to pseudoephedrin. Will it work for me? I don't know yet.

After my disastrous attempt to find Tylenol Sinus (and I don't want all the extra medicine in the versions for people with allergies or a cold - I just need the headache stuff), Cheryl took pity on me and went out to find what the deal was. She had a chat with a pharmacist at a nearby drug store and got two separate medicines that when combined, make up what was in the old Tylenol Sinus product (some Sudafed product for the pseudoephedrin and generic acetaminophen).

She also purchased the new Phenylephrine product, but I didn't want to risk taking it and have it not work since we were going out last night. But the next time - I'll give it a try.

So thanks a lot, meth fiends, for screwing it up for everyone else.



-s said...

I occasionally get a sinus headache which only Tylenol Sinus can cure (or the generic version of Tylenol Sinus).

Or meth apparently.

BullBunky said...

The over-the-counter alergy medication Claritin-D and Alavert-D are also being reformulated, and its a GOOD thing for me. The old stuff used to give me halucinations in my sleep (restless dreams, I suppose). But I've taken the new stuff, and it doesn't affect me that way.

Buddy said...

I am curious, have you ever had a broken nose? I have problems with wide temperature swings due to having my nose broken twice when I was a kid (sledding and sword fighting with 2 X 4s). I was told by the doctor it was scar tissue that results in differential swelling of my sinus tissues when the temperature changes rapidly.

There is a procedure, but it sounded much worse than the symptoms.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

S - Now you know why we really came to visit Oregon. ;-)

BB - Maybe you should stop turning them into Meth!

B - No, my nose has never been broken. I really think it is a genetic thing.